Brunson - Hug Your Friends


Hug Your Friends

Release date: 07/06/2022
genre: Techno
Format: Maxi / EP
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Brunson - Hug Your Friends


Vibrant acid tracks knead muscular electronic dance
structures on Gerald Brunson’s debut EP. A member of
the Model 500 extended family and running Dance
Sacred Records, Brunson presents a restless world
that beckons forth from the underground of the
Midwest, full of bouncing flair and techno passion.

Hoffman's S.O.S. (Scully, Owsley, Sand) is more than a
mere head nod to the alchemists participating in the
League for Spiritual Discovery and The Brotherhood of
Eternal Love. It induces a pristine acid trip that twists
neurons about agitated filtered eects and eective
rhythmic structures. Finally, it emerges into wondrous
vistas of ever-expanding horizons. Blue Striped Felix
worms deep into the groove with the same brawn, its
components lean and unceasing.

Over on the flip side, 2way struts a mean dance,
stripping out the previous track’s acid melodies into
something far more focused on repetition with an
electro influence shining through. This electro sound
beams forward even more into a mutant funk on Morf.
The synths move squeakily as if the machine got
jammed into enlightenment. Unexpected beat
changes flick over to a four to the floor briefly, before
out of nowhere chords invite the closing moments in
with an eventual melodic response to the dancing

Brunson's tracks represent a unique sound. Techno is
as real as the person who experiences it, and these
tracks come from an enigmatic messenger who is
firmly out on a limb.

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