Jamal Moss - Thanks 4 The Tracks U Lost (clear vinyl)

Jamal Moss

Thanks 4 The Tracks U Lost (clear vinyl)

Modern Love
Release date: 05/27/2022
genre: Techno
Format: LP
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1. The Lust With-In
2. This Is 4 The Rave Bangers II
3. Poisonous Effects
4. I Can't Escape From U
5. When Love Knows No Bounds
6. Erotic Abuse
Jamal Moss - Thanks 4 The Tracks U Lost (clear vinyl)


Edition of 500 copies pressed on clear vinyl. includes a download of the release dropped to your account. Mastered by Rashad Becker.

Gnostic Chicago house virtuoso Jamal Moss unleashes the spirits of angular and rampant warehouse music on a powerful clutch of bangers for Modern Love - the first issued under his own name for five years, loaded with his deadliest energy. If yr into anything from Steve Poindexter to The Other People Place to MMM/Errorsmith and Sun Ra - this is the absolute sickest gear.

'Thanks 4 The Tracks U Lost’ taps into Jamal’s finest vein of tekkerz for a ribboning stream of chromatically colourful, insistently psychosexual club music for hearts, bodies and minds. By this point, readers of these pages should be very aware of Jamal’s prolific oeuvre; he’s been a GOAT to us for nearly decades now, probably listed here more than any other artist, and we’ll never tire of diving into his ceaseless stream of life-giving energies. This set of tracks for Modern Love are patently some of his most gripping, romantic, crazed and timeless; drenched in chaotic cosmic harmony and notably textured to the spirit-biting point, with thanks to Rashad Becker’s mastering which really holds up the facets of his raw cut gems to the light.

Slicing off just one cross-section of his ceaseless, holistic practice, the music here speaks to the endless variation within a theme that Jamal has made a virtue of since his nascent ‘90s productions. Where those early works with legendary mentors such as Steve Poindexter and Adonis still had Jamal’s experience of the original Chicago warehouse scene fresh in the memory, he’s come to singularly carry that flame far from the original object while never losing sight of its original reasons for being, seamlessly integrating lessons of Sun Ra’s cosmic jazz and his DJ/diggers-instinct for classic synth and industrial musicks, into a syncretic roil of ideas that simply sounds like nobody else.

Plainly put, opener ‘The Lust Wit

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